Sprouting Wings

Houses sold, children out of the house, husbands too…no pets, only a couple of plants. Seems like a good time to take a gap year or five… After decades of raising three (amazing!) children, pursuing two satisfying degrees and careers, numerous transitional jobs, buying and renovating four houses, moving from Tucson, Arizona, to Alice Springs, Australia and finally Ashland, Oregon, where I built and lost a non-profit dance company and a 20 year marriage simultaneously, change is afoot. The rest, I’m improvising.

I have wanderlust rising in my soul, and I am ready to explore new possibilities.  There is a whole big world out there full of opportunities, stories, good food, and lots of lovely people. I am on a journey to connect with people and places, appreciate the beauty before me, listen and learn from those around me, and share whatever I can. I am a woman traveling alone for the first time.

I want to acknowledge my three incredible children for their love, support and what they bring to the world; they are my greatest inspiration and my best work. I also want to extend a giant “Thank you” to those of you that have supported me in this last chapter of unexpected changes, new friends and old, for your encouragement to venture on. You are an important reason why I am where I am today, wherever that is…

Feel free to contact me if you are interested in classes, workshops, projects, collaboration, or a cuppa!

Ready, set, go!